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Jiangsu Win Health Medical Equipment Co, .ltd is a large-scale enterprise integrating the production and sales of various medical products such as alcohol disinfectant, medical masks, non-medical masks, kits, goggles, and forehead guns. There are 200 employees, 10 technical consultants, 2 legal consultants, and 5 external designers. The company also built a 100,000-level purification workshop, and passed CE, ISO9001: 2000 system certification, in line with a series of European legal requirements such as safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection. Jiangsu Win Health Medical Equipment Co, .ltd firmly believes that customer recognition is the basis for the companys stable development, and the companys stability, professionalism and responsibility are the guarantee for cu...


Business philosophy
Survive by quality and promote development by profession.
Talent concept
Respect the value of every employee!
Strategic objectives
Become an internationally recognized medical brand
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How to distinguish the front and back of the masks
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