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How to choose a mask
Commonly used masks can be divided into several categories, specific considerations are as follows: 1. Disposable medical mask: It is more convenient to wear, but the protective effect is poor. It can ...
Choose the right mask
Buy a mask and see the standard purchase according to the use. Different standards correspond to different uses. 1. Medical surgical mask for droplet isolation (corresponding to the first-class protect...
How do we choose the right mask
The masks on the market are roughly divided into disposable masks, reusable masks and medical masks. Disposable masks are products that Xiaobian uses more. Disposable masks are more convenient to carry...
City Drug Administration inspected our company
On the afternoon of May 9, 2017, Li Ying, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Drug Administration, Lian Bo, Deputy Director, and Guo Jianping, Director of the Marketing Department, led a ...
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