About Us

We are well aware of the hazards of safety accidents and environmental pollution, so we implement the HSE management system which closely links health, safety and environment.
Based on the objectives of HSE policy, we set up a work cycle of "planning - Implementation - Inspection - continuous improvement", emphasizing the effective unification of various factors from management concept to technical means.
Energy saving and high efficiency
Energy conservation is not just a goal.
In our eyes, energy conservation is one of the most important daily tasks of every production unit around us. For many years, Wuxi Quanlin Pipe Industry has been pursuing the concept of energy saving and high efficiency, and the whole process from product development to production and circulation requires environmental protection.
In order to help customers improve the service life of equipment and reduce replacement costs, we are committed to introducing efficient and durable stainless steel pipe products to eliminate production accidents with high quality.
In production, we implement the 5S management system, requiring every employee to standardize their work and reduce resource wastage.
Environmental protection measures
We always pay attention to the interdependence between enterprise production and environment, and never let our own behavior go against the concept of sustainable development.
We invest in the establishment of sewage treatment system and acid fog purification system to avoid pollution of the company's surrounding environment. We have a special department to check the environmental indicators and minimize the impact of production on the environment.
Public welfare activities
As an enterprise citizen, we always regard the harmonious relationship between economy and society as our responsibility.
We are grateful and devoted to the social care.
Sustainable Development
The concept of sustainable development is the cornerstone of  business.
We are well aware that the world today is full of problems such as excessive consumption of resources, environmental impact, ecosystem damage and so on.
Being an enterprise is not just about pursuing efficiency. At the same time, we also regard the development problems facing the society as a warning.
Persisting in the mode of sustainable development, whether it is to reform the production process or to develop the next generation of products, our ultimate goal is to achieve the balance between economic value and social value and to become an enterprise respected and trusted by the society.